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"Spend the night with a popular actress and shoot as it is!" Directed by Hamar's appearance in the tenth work is popular struggling purity but Miki Yoshimura who is cute with etch. If you are as beautiful as she is, it is not impossible, but before becoming an AV actress you were aiming for a top actress .... Such a thrown away pride, it is not the performance of Misaki Yoshimura who chose the way of AV if this is suitable for myself, we approach impossible face! What is the meaning of her tears? First of all, please see from the first part!

「人気女優と一晩一緒に過ごしながら、ありのままを撮影する!」Directed by Hamarの10作目に登場は人気奮闘中の清純系だけどエッチで可愛い吉村美咲ちゃん。彼女ほどの美貌の持ち主であれば、不可能ではない思うが、AV女優になる前はトップ女優を目指していたのだとか…。そんな彼女がプライドを捨てて、自分にはこれが合っているとAVの道を選んだ吉村美咲の演技ではない、素顔に迫る!彼女の涙の意味は?まずは前編からご覧下さい!

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