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This "girls being gunshot" is a two-piece series of "Yumi chan" and "Kanon chan". "Yumi Chang" wear glasses with a first face shot and batches the moment of launch. Then, "Kanon chan" is a big eyed eye tick in the tick? It is! I took a solid semen on your face and breasts ...

今回の「ガンシャされる女たち。」は”祐実チャン”と”カノンちゃん”の二本立て。”祐実チャン”ははじめての顔射に挑戦でメガネをかけて発射の瞬間をバッチリ目視。続いて、”カノンちゃん”はカチカチの巨チンにお目目パチパチ?! お顔とおっぱいにしっかりザーメンを浴びてしまいました・・・

by Javfinder