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A woman who sleeps beside her husband. When turning over the futon you are not wearing a brassiere or a nipple is totally transparent ... let your fingers roll slowly from the exposed thigh to the flank, chest and lips. Restrain the resistance of the waking awake, reaching to the moist crotch moist. While confused, the woman confirms her husband with his eyes wide and feels as if he is killing his voice ....

旦那の横で寝息を立てる女。布団をめくるとブラジャーをつけていないのか乳首がうっすらと透けている…露わになった太腿から脇腹、胸、そして唇へとゆっく りと指を這わせていく。目を覚ました女の抵抗を制し、しっとりと濡れている股間へ手を伸ばす。戸惑いながらも女は横目で旦那を確認し、声を押し殺したまま 感じていく…。

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