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Ball gag was trained in boyfriend at SM hotel and experienced. Open the pussy with a huge Cuzco, and also open the anus with Anal Cuzco, leaving 2 holes open. Stop the mouth while listening to the anus with a plug plug and blowjob with an anal plug "Are you comfortable?" She says that her boyfriend is beaten her ass with a horse riding whip and cries at about 20 times. Let me tell you to hurt a hundred while holding a cock, the beginning of a hundred beating of the specialty. While making himself count the number of hits, he seems to beat oneself more than usual, with an expression of agony. The butt that finished hitting one hundred times swells in red and black. Continue placing a rope on the neck so that it can not escape further behind the pillar, pierce the mouth like a hole and pierce the cock many times. Deep throat that makes a ball lick with a tongue while inserting a cock in the back of the throat. "Oh-oh" "Gebout" repeatedly and repeatedly throbbing anti-emotion while letting them do deep throat. On the way, suffocating deep throat, thrusting his cock into his throat while picking his nose, getting nervous and tears spilling too much. It is tied up behind, a forced opening mask is attached, and the nose is hoisted with a nose hook. If you lock and tighten it by opening the large thigh, the anal plug comes off and plugs the anus with the anal plug which has increased in size. Push the cock into the mouth of the opening and insert it into the pussy that has been opened this time. Insert cock while picking nipple with a selection scissors. Finally, semen is launched into the nostrils and mouth and the semen of the mouth is drunk. Insert the cock that is still erect into the pussy and finish it. Piercing the mouth like a hole and cocking the cock to the throat is a sequel to the throat. It is a work I would like to recommend specifically for those who love imamachio

SMホテルで彼氏に調教されボールギャグは経験済み。 四つん這いにさせ巨大クスコでマンコを開く、更にアナルクスコで肛門も開き、2穴開きっぱなし。 肛門にアナルプラグで栓をしてフェラチオさせる「気持ちいいですか?」と聞きながら口奉仕をする。 彼氏には乗馬鞭で尻を叩かれており20回位で泣いてしまうと言う。 チンポを咥えさせながら百叩きお願いしますと言わせ、名物百叩きの始まり。 自ら尻叩きの数を数えさせながら、苦悶の表情を浮かべる、いつもより思いっきり叩きつけているようだ。 百回叩き終わった尻は赤黒く腫れ上がる。 続いて柱に後ろ手に更に逃げられないように首にも縄をかけ、 口を穴のようにチンポを突っ込み何度も嗚咽させる。 チンポを喉奥に挿入しながら舌で玉を舐めさせる特上イラマチオ。 「オエーッ」「ゲボーッ」と何度も嗚咽し反吐を垂らしながら延々とイラマチオをさせる。 途中、鼻をつまみながらチンポを喉奥まで突っ込む窒息イラマチオ、嗚咽し過ぎて自然と涙がこぼれる。 後ろ手に縛り上げられ、強制開口マスクを装着され、鼻フックで鼻を吊り上げる。 大股開きで縛り固定するとアナルプラグが抜けてしまい、サイズアップしたアナルプラグで再度肛門に栓をする。 開きっぱなしの口にチンポを突っ込み、今度は開きっぱなしになったマンコに挿入する。 選択バサミで乳首をはさみながらのチンポ挿入。 最後は鼻の穴と口にザーメンを発射し口のザーメンは飲ませる。 まだ勃起しているチンポをマンコに連続挿入して終了する。 口を穴のようにチンポを喉奥までピストンしまくり嗚咽の連発です。 イラマチオ好きの方に特にお勧めしたい作品です

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