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A trainer of detention that transforms "Minano Ai" and "Miyazawa Chiharu" into a perfect sex slave. We capture the targets for common daily life and hit the men's distorted libido against the girls .. A fierce hunger robs the resistance to resist and plant the despair that the suffering of restraint over the whole body can not escape. The only way for women to survive is to follow men. At the end of extreme curses and assaults the women's reasons collapse and they will want their own stimulation. Women who finished training as a 'sexual slave' are bought by a new 'master' and drown in further pleasures.

『皆野 あい』、『宮沢 ちはる』を完璧な性奴隷へと変貌させる監禁調教録。ありふれた日常を過ごすターゲットを捕獲し、男たちの歪んだ性欲を女たちにぶつけていく.。激しい空腹は抵抗する気力を奪い、全身を巡る拘束の苦しみが逃れられない絶望を植えつける。女たちが生き延びる術は男たちに従うことのみ。過激な罵倒や暴行の果てに女たちの理性は崩れ落ち、男たちからの刺激を自ら望むようになる。’性奴隷’としての調教を終えた女たちは新たな’ご主人様’に買われ、さらなる快楽に溺れていく.。

by Javfinder