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Four years have passed since I got married. Mayumi is living a happy life with her husband Masashi. It was a well-made husband's magistrate, but there was one disadvantage. That is bad drinking. On such a day, Masashi who brought his subordinate Yamamoto and drunk returns home. Mayumi who receives humiliation in front of Yamamoto from her husband in a good mood. However Mayumi still did not know this time. A few days later, having things to do with Yamamoto. And the fact that her body wanted such a cock like this ....

結婚して4年。夫・正志と二人で幸せな生活を送っている真由美。よくできた夫の正志だったがひとつだけある欠点があった。それは酒癖が悪い事―。そんなあ る日、部下の山本を引き連れて酔っぱらった正志が帰宅をする。上機嫌になった夫から山本の前で辱めを受けてしまう真由美。しかし真由美はまだこの時は知ら なかった。数日後、山本と関係を持ってしまう事を。そして自らの身体がこんなにも男根を欲していたという事実を…。

by Javfinder