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Separation Separation: Perfect! Everything is perfect! Come now, only one aim! It is! The number one of the idol world! It is! Evolutionary system! A colorful angel who does not know the impurity! It is! It is! Just being gazing at you no longer, my heart is tightened Kyunkun! It is! A pure beautiful girl with full of transparency! It is! This ... Real Angel! It is! Thanks for being able to meet Haruka-chan (crying) Such a gorgeous daughter ... It is possible to do such a thing or something like this at the hotel from now on · · · · · · · · · · · · ·! It is! Thank you! It is! It is! Very cute and tiny face is preeminent for young and moe! It is! A pretty lip on the eyes of Click Ri! It is almost like a teen blue spring like soft skin ♪ All the elements making up Haruka are gathered in cute ♪ This is a sense of moe that overturns common sense! It is! Cuteness! It is! Slender style slender system that seems to be broken if hugging your style! And the one that should not be forgotten is the tight cleavage waistline from the bust line of C cup that seems to be tender peculiarly! Voice is also very cute Lori Tori Boyce www "Older brother ♪" I want you to say that I'm passive, love it Ichaiya and it's easy to get wet Ashikaga desire is coming out a lot of elements w Now it's full Erection state ww That's awful

ぱぱぱぱぱぱぱぱぱぱぱぱぱ・・・・・・・・・ パーフェクト! 全てがパーフェクト! さあ、狙うはただ1つ!! アイドル界のナンバーワン!!超進化系!これぞ穢れを知らない色白天使!!!もはや見つめているだけで胸がキュンキュン締め付けられます!!透明感あふれるまっさらな純粋美少女!!これぞ・・・リアル天使!!はるかちゃんに出会えた事に感謝(泣)こんなイタイケな娘が・・これからホテルであんな事やこんな事ができるなんて・・うぉおおぉぉぉぉぉぉーーーーー!!サイコーーーー!!!とびっきりキュートでちっちゃなお顔は幼さと萌え感抜群!!クリックリの瞳にちっちゃくて可愛らしい唇!まるで10代の青い春の様なスベスベの柔肌♪もうはるかちゃんを構成する全ての要素が可愛いに集約されちゃってます♪これぞ、常識を覆すほどの萌え感!!可愛らしさ!!スタイルは抱きしめたら折れてしまいそうなスラっとした細身のスレンダー系!そして忘れてはならないのが十代特有の柔らかそうなCカップのバストラインからの引き締ったウエストライン!声もとっても可愛いロリロリボイスwww『お兄ちゃん♪』って言ってほしい(笑)プレイは受け身派でイチャイチャ大好きかつ濡れやすいと庇護欲は湧いてくる要素盛りだくさんw只今full勃起状態wwこりゃ大変だw

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