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Featured Actress "Ono Haruka" is 18 years old. A professional student with curious curiosity in everything with obediant telling. She says that she wanted to try a new world from the consciousness that she graduated from school and became an adult. It is said that he was interested in the happy appearance on the scene of AV actress who saw at SNS and decided to appear in AV. While shooting with a strange man, "It's embarrassing", but still moistens the mouth gently against the excitement that has never existed. If you get a cheek, you will make a loud noise and carefully serve you. In shooting at home, I forgot about my boyfriend, swaying soft tits to fit the violent piston and drowning in pleasure .. Please enjoy the real document which reflected the true face of a pure innocent girl.

『小野 はるか』18歳。素直な物言いで何事にも好奇心旺盛な専門学生。●校を卒業して大人になったという自覚から、新しい世界に挑戦してみたかったという彼女。SNSで見たAV女優の現場での楽しそうな姿に興味を持ちAV出演を決意したという。見知らぬ男に囲まれての撮影では「恥ずかしい.」と言いつつも、今までにない興奮からじっとりと陰部を濡らす。チ○コを咥えれば、淫らな音を立て丁寧にご奉仕してくれる。自宅での撮影では彼氏の事を忘れて、激しいピストンに合わせて柔らかなおっぱいを揺らし快楽に溺れていく.。純粋無垢な少女の素顔を映し出したリアルドキュメントをお楽しみください。

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