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From the popular series 【Luxury TV】, deliver the popular title of complete shooting in two Blu-ray & DVD sets! We have luxury sex weave made by adult women who drifts high-quality sex appeal! It is 24 years old "Mariko Sato" who will work as a curator at the museum. He can not make time to meet with his boyfriend, he says he watches AV every day and repeats masturbation. To her who likes aggressive acts, stimulate the genitalia with the toy carefully. Continuing giving a stimulus without resting hands even when it cums at many times, piercing the cock in the back of the throat or vagina and filling her greed .... ※ Please note that the bundled Blu-ray software can not be played on compatible players.

人気シリーズ【ラグジュTV】より、完全撮りおろしの人気タイトルをBlu-ray&DVD2枚組でお届け!上質な色気を漂わせる大人の女性が織り成すラグジュアリーセックスを収めました!今回出演するのは美術館で学芸員として働く24歳『佐藤 麻里子』。彼氏と会う時間を作ることが出来ず、日々AVを見てオナニーを繰り返しているという。強引な行為を好む彼女に対し、玩具でじっくりと陰部を刺激。何度絶頂を迎えても手を休めることなく刺激を与え続け、喉や膣の奥に肉棒を突き刺して彼女の欲を満たしていく…。※同梱のBlu-ray専用ソフトは対応プレイヤー以外では再生できませんのでご注意ください。

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