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A 29-year-old beautiful wife of the former model "Miki Aiba". I feel loneliness in the relationship with my husband who is extremely busy, heading for a hot spring resort in a remote place in search of daily stress dissipation. Stop the car in the road to the inn and reach out to the plump body. When you feel the feeling of the big breast and stimulate the genital area, you are pleased with pleasure while hiding your breath. When you make a blowjob, you will snuggle down to your throat and taste the meat stick while setting a glossy sound. Raw insertion into a vagina drenched with a caressous caress. When pushing up to deeply with a slow waist, I feel a pleasure for a long time and I will soak it in pleasure. Spilled semen is released in the vaginae, soaked in a lingering smile.

元モデルの29歳美人妻『相本 みき』。多忙を極めるご主人との関係に寂しさを感じ、日頃のストレス発散を求めて、人里離れた温泉宿へと向かう。宿への道中で車を止め、豊満な肢体へ手を 伸ばす。大きな胸の感触を確かめ陰部を刺激すると、息を潜めながら快感を悦ぶ。フェラをさせると自ら喉奥まで咥え、艶かしい音を立てながら肉棒を味わう。 丹念な愛撫でびっしょりと濡れた膣へと生挿入。ゆっくりとした腰遣いで奥深くまで突き上げると、久々の快楽を感じて愉悦に浸る。溢れんばかりの精液を膣奥 で放たれ、微笑みながら余韻に浸る…。

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