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A 4 - day document exploring sexuality of meat eater girl 'Yariman' who is fishing for day and night fishing! This time I cooperate closely with 22-year-old "Miyu-chan" who works at a maid cafe! It is online off-game of online games that she uses as a hunting ground for sefre. Chiko emphasizes hardness rather than length, and is searching for better compatibility. If you go to the off-site, you will have one participant, Cico, in the toilet, and after the event you will have cosplay sex with another participant at the hotel! In sex with AV actresses she was anxious for, she feels unknown pleasure and repeats cum all over again .... Please listen carefully to Sefure's selection ♪ Jiriman beautiful girl's ulex thoroughly enjoy

♪ 日夜男漁りに励む肉食女子‘ヤリマン’の性態を探る4日間のドキュメント!今回はメイドカフェで働く22歳『ミユウちゃん』に密着取材!彼女がセフレの狩場としているのはオンラインゲームのオフ会。チ○コは長さよりも硬さを重視し、より良い相性のチ○コを捜し求めている。オフ会会場に足を運べばひとりの参加者のチ○コをトイレで咥え、終わった後は別の参加者とホテルでコスプレセックス!彼女が切望していたAV男優とのセックスでは未知の快感を堪能し、幾度となく絶頂を繰り返していく…。セフレ選びに余念がないヤリマン美少女の痴態をじっくりとお楽しみください♪

by Javfinder