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Karen who is a good girl like Shibuya. It is gallike and has a bright personality and nori is also good, I will take you to such a luxury hotel that I will not go on everyday! When I said it was exciting! Karen who was luxurious and enjoyed with the tension higher than the hotel room I thought. Step by step [Oh, it's about to get out of hand] I start to understand the atmosphere (?) And it seems easy to understand how to gradually become adult · · · bitter smile. Nevertheless, I did not feel like "I hate it" so far (even if I feel it I will put out my hands), it's a cute reaction (!) Than I thought it would take out hand while looking at the situation I also entered a funny switch here in the reaction, turning to a way to accuse me more thoroughly than the usual stupid SEX! If you give me a big cock and a beautiful shaved pussy with a pretty heavy butt and a cock and put it in big pimples many times cum! I guess they went in almost all positions? I was cuddling up! While enjoying each other while striking a slight tie, I got back home with a very satisfying face with a fun sex with no laughter than usual. Unlike what it looks like! (!) Cums are cute and it pretty much spoils so please have a look!

いかにも渋谷とかにいそーなギャルのカレンちゃん。ギャルらしく明るい性格でノリもよく、普段行かないような高級ホテルに連れてってあげる!って言ったらウキウキでついてきちゃいました! ホテルの部屋が思った以上に豪華でテンション高めで楽しんでたカレンちゃん。段々と【あ、こいつそろそろ手を出してくるなー】雰囲気を察し始める(?)と少しづつ大人しくなっていく様子がわかりやすくて・・苦笑。 それでも、ここまで来て「嫌だ!」という様子も感じられなかったので(感じても手は出すけどね)、様子を見ながら手を出していくと思ったよりも可愛い反応(!)でのリアクションにこっちも変なスイッチ入っちゃって、いつものがっつくSEXよりもねっとりじっくり責めていくやり方に方向転換!破壊力抜群の大きなお尻と綺麗なパイパンオマンコをベットベトに濡らしてチンポを入れてあげれば大きな喘ぎ声で何度も絶頂!ほぼすべての体位でイったんじゃないかな?ってくらいイキまくってました! お互いに軽口を叩きあいながら楽しんでいて、いつもより笑いが絶えない楽しいSEXでものすごく満足そうな顔で帰っていきました。見た目と違って(!)絶頂する姿が可愛いくて結構萌えますのでぜひご覧ください!

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