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A trainee requests from a ronido virgin. I received a mail saying that I fell in love with a family tutor who always comes to teach my studies at home. In order to fulfill such wishes of virginity Ronin people, SOD sends gimmicks and advice. Family teacher who will come to teach my family at home as usual → If I confess from a virgin ... to a brush-minded brush! There is no condom in the room and it is raw vaginal cum shot!

とある浪人童貞から依頼。いつも家に勉強を教えに来てくれる家庭教師に恋をしたというメ―ルが届いた。そんな童貞浪人生達の願いを叶えるために、SODが仕掛けやアドバイスを送る。いつものように家に勉強を教えに来てくれる家庭教師→童貞から告白したら… 心優しく筆下ろしへ!部屋にはコンドームが無く生中出しに!

by Javfinder