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Makoto, a serious and serious female school student, was given an aphrodisiac in childhood friend's mischief, transformed into a daughter's daughter. I will do sexual ventilation as it is. After that, although Makoto continued to be filled with aphrodisiacs, it was not a pleasure of aphrodisiacism but a pleasure to be ejaculated inside! It is! Jamie JK has changed to a nympho daughter and a gap moe who pleads for vaginal cum shot!

地味で真面目な女子校生の真琴ちゃんが、幼馴染のイタズラで媚薬を飲まされ、ドエロ娘に大変身。そのまま、中出しSEXをしてしまう。その後も、媚薬を盛られ続ける真琴ちゃんだったが、虜になったのは媚薬の快感ではなく、中に射精される快楽だった!! 堅物JKが淫乱娘に豹変し、中出しを哀願するギャップ萌えがたまらない!

by Javfinder