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I never thought that my husband would be robbed of my best friend who was on good terms from college days. Me and Mosui are best friends from the university. I could think of anything and I thought that I could consult. It is true that the relationship of husband and sailor was long, and it was still unfortunate for me to inform her husband. But why? I invited Mr. Miho to his house for the first time in a while and I had a good time. It was a secret to the drunk husbands, leaving complaints of her husband to the unfinished. I felt like I got better stress relief for myself, but Mr. Miho did not think so. Have my best friend's husband listen to the story for work and eat and mischief in tipsy invites her husband to his home. I told you that you liked yourself as a drunk momentum, that you liked yourself, even now I am you ... the two will cross a line. My best friend did not know the true figure of Mail. To be sloppy with sex, you will want a man of others. Husband who is gradually falling asleep. Miho who is pleasant to himself and gains pleasure from increasing number of men serving sexually acts at his best friend's home. My best friend who saw the act had no choice but to repeat it.


by Javfinder